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Wecke & Voigts has seamlessly become a part of the historical landscape of Namibia. The family-run company therefore celebrates its Namibian heritage, and aims to pursue the vision and mission established and assiduously maintained by previous generations. With big shoes to fill, Robert Voigts (CEO) and Adriane Jandrell (Store Manager and Chief Buyer ), who are both great great grandchildren of the company’s founder, believe in and honour family, heritage, tradition, and quality.

With a ‘sleeves-above-the-elbow’ approach, Wecke & Voigts has mastered a business strategy coveted by modern retailers. In the world’s headlong rush for expansion, quality has become an alternative. The fast pace that the world has set has led to a product-accumulating lifestyle for short-term comfort, and has inevitably resulted in a disposable way of life. A modern lifestyle favours quantity instead of quality. In the midst of it all, however, Wecke & Voigts remains unfaltering in their philosophy of investing in quality, rather than aiming for skyrocketed profits with low-quality products. 

Four generations later, Wecke & Voigts still unswervingly engages in its social and environmental responsibility, which have become all the more crucial in the single-use mentality of the world we are living in. The staff mirrors Wecke & Voigts’ passion for family, as well as for quality in merchandise and service. Each individual plays a fruitful role in the non-biological family tree, and they are well-trained, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Wecke & Voigts singles itself out by celebrating its people and contributing to the country as a market leader in the retail and wholesale trade. Keeping up with the times, Wecke & Voigts brings the store to the customer’s doorstep.



To be the market leader in the retail and wholesale trade as a respected corporate citizen in a peaceful and flourishing Namibia.



Wecke & Voigts is a wholesaler and retailer of local and quality imported merchandise at fair prices. This family owned company operates in Namibia for the benefit of all its stakeholders: employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the Namibian economy and environment.